Whether it is summer or winter, the sun does not joke, and in combination with ultraviolet radiation, it is harmful not only to us but also to the interior of our car.
Mounting solar membranes can help, as it simultaneously protects us from UV radiation and protects the interior of the car from possible wear due to high temperatures.
However, in addition to the above, solar membranes have multiple benefits, contributing to better air conditioning performance, and therefore lower fuel consumption. 
The benefits do not just stop there, as they extend to the passive security they offer us, as well as greater anti-theft protection. Read how solar membranes do so much!

Absolute protection from the sun's ultraviolet radiation 99% U-ray repulsion
Significant decrease in temperature in the car
Reduce glare
Economy due to reduced use of air conditioner
Protection against fading and aging of the vehicle interior
Aesthetically enhancing the look of the car
Retention of broken crystals in case of breakage