When it comes to car lights nothing goes beyond LED technology. Halogen lamps are far behind LEDs in brightness and color saturation, but also in terms of durability and shelf life. Do you want a size class? A halogen lamp will last 1,000 hours, as most of its energy burns instead of being converted into light, and an LED lamp will climb to 15,000 hours! Speaking of cost-benefit ie. With LEDs you don’t have to think about such things. Don’t even worry if your lights are turning everyone around (as with lasers, who literally do daylight at night), as their brightness is optimized for the road: it’s as bright as xenon, but not too much to cause problems . But the other is that, in relation to halogens and HIDs, LED lamps immediately gain their full brightness. Here at LUXCAR we undertake the marketing and installation of LED lamps in your car at the best prices in the market.